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I’m a Holistic & Functional Nutritionist

who specializes in overcoming hormonal and digestive imbalances naturally

I believe in real food, real talk, and bio-individuality when it comes to therapeutic nutrition, because YOU deserve more than a cookie cutter solution.

Work with me on a fresh approach

90-Minute Dose

What is that?

A 90-minute deep dive into uncovering your health needs and mapping out a health plan strategy. Includes a full-body assessment and look into nutritional deficiencies.

1:1 Coaching

What you get…

Apply to learn more about my signature 5-step-reset program, which includes an entire customized plan that is 100% tailored to your metabolic needs.

The Collective

A group for self-healers!

Looking for a support group to connect with other like-minded, health-conscious individuals? Join the Medizen Warrior Tribe!

What is MEDIZEN and how can it work for me?

It’s never about what “fad diet” to follow, it’s about which foods best complement your healing needs!

Maritza’s Medizen takes a natural and therapeutic approach to restoring health through tailored nutrition and cutting-edge diagnostic testing that will help you achieve the greatest possible result.

What you can expect to experience

  • Sustaining, peak energy levels that allow them to show up fully in their personal/work lives.
  • Sharper cognitive abilities for better decision-making and overall performance
  • Freedom from the chains of a chronic disease diagnosis, or any form of metabolic chaos (i.e hormonal, digestive, or immune related)
  • A life that isn’t plagued by constant stress, worry, and burn-out moments
  • A deep awareness of their unique nutritional blueprint and bio-individual needs
  • A sense of empowerment in knowing that they are worthy of an extraordinary life
  • Greater equilibrium, alignment, intuitive awareness, success and self-love.

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Everything you need for optimal health & wellness

Not Sure Where To Start?

I’ve put together a quickstart guide to set you off on your journey, full of recipes, inspirations and advice and totally free!

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