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Use Functional Lab Testing to finally get to the Roots of Gut & Hormone Dysfunction

Discovering Functional Lab testing, and getting trained on using Functional Testing in my nutritional practice, completely changed my life & client results!

Functional testing is an evidence-based approach to assessing GI & Hormone imbalances for a more strategic holistic strategy that is truly based on your body’s unique needs! #testdontguess

Before I found functional lab testing, I was struggling with IBS, recurring infections (UTI’s), adrenal fatigue (burnout), overwhelming fatigue/anxiety, and sluggish detoxification (which affected my gut & hormones!)

At that time, I just intuitively felt like something was not right.

And after becoming a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I then decided to learn more about functional testing.

After working with a practitioner on my test results, I had to learn how to do this for myself and others!

I then went back to school to learn more about Functional Nutrition and Functional Diagnostic Testing. 

I finally had access to functional labs that helped me identify all the hidden stressors that hold back health!

These tests not only increased by body literacy, but also gave me answers to problems that I had been battling for YEARS.

I’ve now been using Functional Lab testing with 1:1 clients & in my programs for 5+ years!

So if you’re interested in knowing what specific labs would best fit your needs, schedule a Complementary Clarity Call with me to get a personalized roadmap.


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